Sunday, July 29, 2007

Korea Souvenir Magnets

Have I ever told you that I love to watch Korean TV Dramas? And that I love to eat Korean Kimchi too?! Yes, that were the 2 main reasons why I pestered my Dear Dear to visit Korea with me. My dream finally came true the day we set foot on Korea!

And well, I just couldn't stop buying the Korean boy-girl-in-a-pair Fridge Magnets where ever I went in Korea! I find them very adorable cos they're so colorful & so pretty!

(Handmade Korean Orange Couple - Korea

- I like the Bright Orange Colors

- so Bright so Sweet!)

(Handmade Korean Couple - Korea

- I like the Little Red Hand Pouch

the girl is holding - so Cute!

Btw, the girl's Hanbok reminds me very much

of the one my Mum got me when I was

very very young - too bad I couldn't fit in then

cos it was too Small a size!

But I've kept it with me till today!

Love you Mum!!

- Anyway, I like the boy's

Bright Blue Chogori (jacket)

with the Silver Flower Prints too

- so Handsome!

(Handmade Korean Couple - Korea

- I find the Pot that the girl

is carrying very Interesting!

And the Boy looks pretty Charming!!

(Handmade Korean Pink Couple - Korea

-I find the Pink Flare Dress pretty Unique

& with the Flower Bouquet she's holding,

it's so Sweet!

(Handmade Korean Imperial Couple - Korea

- I like the girl's Hairdo &

her Beautiful Elegant Hanbok

- she looks like Da Chang Jin's Teacher,

Lady Han, in the Korean "Jewel in the Palace"

Drama to me!

(Handmade Korean Rainbow Couple - Korea

- Is the girl holding a Fan or a Huge Lollipop?!

Hee, so Cute so Cute I wan it to be

the Huge Lollipop cos I like Lollipops!!

- And I wonder what the boy is holding?

- some kind of Earthen Ware

or is it a Lunch Bag?!

- they look rather Poor guess

they must be the Peasants!

But they're Beautiful!

(Handmade Korean Couple - Korea

- this Couple looks really Happy & Cheerful!

How Wonderful!

(Handmade Korean Pink Couple - Korea

- I wonder what the boy is holding?!

It must be either some kind of

Instrument or Earthen Ware?!

Anyway, I like the girls's Pretty Hairdo

& the Simplicity of her!

Besides,Pink is my Favourite Color!

(Handmade Korean Couple - Korea

- this Couple must be Attending some kind

of Special Occasion together since

they're both carrying Bouquets of Flowers

- so Beautiful!

And I like the girl's Plaited Hair!

Miss my Long Hair!!

(Handmade The Korean Triosome Musical Team - Korea

- I like the Left-hand side boy's Outfit

- his pleated Chogori (jacket) & the

Tiny Red Flowers on his Paji (pants)

- And I thought for a while

he was carrying a Lollipop!! But nope,

it's actually some Musical Instrument!! Heheh!

- I find the girl really Amusing, what with her

Short Flare Skirt & the 2 Fans she's holding!!

- And I like that Pink Headband on

the Right-hand side boy's Head,

& the Drum he's Playing - so Cute!

- Well, they look really

Happy Performing Together!!

So Beautiful!!

(Handmade Korean Students Couple -Korea

- Gift from my darling Sister

- I think the boy Scholar carrying the Book

looks very much like my Dear Dear

- & me the girl in Pink dress & Pinky headdress

- so Sweet so Sweet!

(Handmade Korean Royal Couple - Korea

- The Hanmoks they're wearing & the Hairdo

of the girl look

Traditional to me!

(An Identical Handmade

Korean Royal Couple - Korea

- Gift from my Sister-in-law

(Dear's Elder Sister)

Like I told you earlier, I couldn't stop buying the boy-girl-in-a-pair Fridge Magnets while I was in Korea with Dear, thus I ended up buying so many pairs of them!!! (See the below Fridge Magnets)!!

(My So Many Beautiful

Korean Boys-Girls-In-Pairs - Korea

- which I Kept Some &

Gave Some to Families & Friends)

While in Gyeonggi, Korea, Dear & I also visited Everland the Theme Park in Yongin, where I managed to grap hold of the following Fridge Magnets.

(Handcrafted Hand Painted

Wooden Giraffe Head

- Everland, Korea

- I've always liked Giraffes!

(Bright Orange Colored Butterfly

- Everland, Korea)

I especially like the below Korean Yangban Mask Fridge Magnet cos I find it really unique & interesting when I first saw it, though I never knew anything about it till afterwards.

Well, Yangban is used in the Hahoe dance, a traditional play in Hahoe Village in Gyeongsangbuk Province. Hahoe masks are preserved in the National Museum of Seoul. The Yangban is one of the most popular masks & is displayed in the homes of many Koreans.

Hahoe masks (such as Yangban masks) are sculpturally among the most sophisticated of Korean masks. In addition to their beautiful forms, they have articulated jaws - if the wearer leans backward to laugh, the mask presents a smiling face with a wide-open mouth. And if he bends down, it changes to a shut mouth & angry expression.

(Korean Yangban Mask - Everland, Korea)

We also went to Daemyung Vivaldi Park (or Daemyung Leisuretown), a ski resort in Korea, where I bought the following Fridge Magnets.

(Metallic Daemyung Leisuretown

with Picture of Antelope

- Vivaldi Park, Daemyung, Korea)

(Metallic "Korea Peninsula shaped

like a Crounching Tiger" Korean Map

- Vivaldi Park, Daemyung, Korea)

Dear & I even visited the beautiful romantic Jeju Island, a Volcanic Island dominated by Halla-San, a volcano 1950 metres high & the highest mountain in South Korea. The island was created entirely from volcanic eruptions approximately 2 million years ago.

(Replica Lava Rock with Dried Jeju Flowers

- Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock)

Souvenir Shop, Jeju Island)

We also met Jeju's huge lava rock idols, called Tolharubang, grandfather or grandmother stone figurines (also called "Tu Di Gong" & "Tu Di Puo" in Chinese meaning Earthen Grandfather & Grandmother).

And I was so happy when I found the replica Fridge Magnets at Jeju International Airport! I couldn't believe they have such beautiful identical Fridge Magnets, just like the real huge lava rock idols we saw! I find them really special & unique, & adore them lots!!

But my Dear Dear doesn't really like them, cos he says they have so many holes - "Yarks! So Ugly!!" he usually says, cos they remind himself of his own face (cos Dear has acne holes on his face too!!), So funny!!

(Tolharubang Grandfather & Grandmother

or "Tu Di Gong" & "Tu Di Puo"

- Jeju Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock)

Souvenir Shop, Jeju Island)

We even went to the Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae), the executive office & official residence of South Korean Head of State, the President of the Republic of Korea. And it was at the main Souvenir Shop outside the Blue House where I found the following Fridge Magnets. They are extremely expensive (about S$30 each pair) but I fell in love with them & must bring them home with me!

(Shilla Empress & Emperor

(Unified Shilla Dynasty - 676-935)

- Blue House Souvenir Shop, Seoul, Korea)

(Korean Bride & Groom

- Blue House Souvenir Shop, Seoul, Korea

- Special Wedding Gift for my Good Friend

cum Neighboure who's also a Fridge Magnet Lover!!)