Friday, June 29, 2007

Australia Souvenir Magnets
Yes, I'm in love! I'm in love with Fridge Magnets, & I'm very happy & proud to be presenting to you my Collection!
(Couple Koalas - Dream World, Gold Coast)
It all started when I met & fell in love with the Man of my Life. We were both studying in Australia - he was in the University of Queensland (Brisbane) & I was in Deakin University (Geelong, Victoria).
(Aussie Map - Melbourne)
We met through an unimate of mine in Brisbane during our November Summer vacation. He was the unimate of my unimate's ex-polymate. Whew! Hope I'm not confusing u at all ha heheh!!
(Donald Duck - Movie World, Gold Coast)
Well, what happened was 3 unimates of mine drove from Geelong to visit me & one other unimate with whom I was staying & touring in Sydney during our Summer holidays. And all together, we visited the Blue Mountains, Sydney Opera House & The Rocks.
(Aussie Cartoon Animal Road Sign
- Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Sydney)
I was later asked by the 3 unimates (who visited us in Sydney) if I would like to follow them to Brisbane in their car cos there was an additional empty space in their car!
(Aussie Antique Car
- Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Sydney)
Wow!!! Of course I wanted!! I just love to travel especially when being a student in Australia, travelling within Australia was way much cheaper than when we're back home in Singapore!
(Adorable Huge Koala with Shaking Head
- The Rocks Market, Sydney)
I just could'nt wait to see the whole of Australia during all my school vacations. I was so delighted & excited! Soon after, I set off to Brisbane with my 3 unimates while our other unimate stayed on in her auntie's house in Sydney .
(Aussie Map with Hygrometer & Thermometer
- Sydney)
I remember I sat in the back seat of the car with one unimate while our other unimate sat in the front seat & she was constantly chatting & entertaining our driver (who was the only male unimate in our car), trying so very hard to keep him awake & not doze off.
(Aussie Road Sign - Port Stephens, Sydney)
I remember the music was constantly on in our car & poor him was driving so hard & fast throughout the whole night non-stop from Sydney to Brisbane! Besides, he had to watch out for crossing Koalas or Kangaroos on the Roads too!!
(Koalas Crossing Road Sign
- Surfers Paradise,Gold Coast)
Poor poor him who could not rest & sleep at all that night while we at the backseats were sleeping almost all the way from Sydney to Brisbane. Though at times we could not really relax much cos we were kinda worried that our car would be stopped & fined by the traffic police cos he was speeding so fast so fast!!
(Aussie Beware of Animal Road Sign - Geelong)
And bet that unimate of ours seated in the front, who was supposed to entertain & chat with him, could not keep up with him throughout the whole night & dozed off too like us at the back seats! In fact, he was speeding way past the road limits one time our car was stopped by the traffic police & fined!
(Aussie Road Sign - Port Stephens, Sydney)
But guess that was a blessing in disguise cos who knows, if we'd not been stopped & fined, our car would have met with a serious accident cos our driver would have dozed off & fallen asleep cos none of us other than the car music were really there to entertain him cos we all fell asleep at one point....... till one point we would have all been really really soundly asleep till now!! And I would not be here right now telling you my story!!!
(Gigantic Hand Moulded Aussie Footballer
- St Kilda Explanade Market, Melbourne)
Err!! Now come to think about it gives me cold shivers!!! But guess then we were all still very young, & did not even bother to think of any consequences but just wanted to to get to Brisbane fast & quick!!!
(Opera House Scenery Shoe - Sydney)
So very importantly, one must be AWAKE when driving. And at all times, MUST NOT speed, even if you're in a hurry!
(Aussie Good Day Mate - Brisbane Domestic Airport)
Ok now, we finally all arrived safely in Brisbane (thanks to the traffic policeman) in the morning the next day. And there at the Brisbane Palace Backpackers (in the heart of the city Centre where I was staying) was when, for the first time of my life, I met my Mr Wrong who later became my Mr Right!
(Huge Fury Koala Head - South Bank Market, Brisbane)
Well, why did I call him Mr Wrong you must be wondering ha!? Well, it was another long story which I will tell you later.
(Handmade Wooden Kangaroo with Movable Hands
& Baby in Pouch - The Rocks Market, Sydney)
At the Brisbane Palace Backpackers, we met this other unimate of ours (whom I mentioned to you right at the beginning who was an ex-polymate of the unimate of the Man of my Life).
(Montville - Sunshine Coast)
Anyway, this unimate of mine was visiting this ex-polymate in Brisbane who later met the Man of my Life. And the Man of my Life, being the nice generous host, had brought him sightseeing at the Gold Coast & Brisbane cos the ex-polymate cum unimate had already gone back home to Singapore for the Summer Holidays!
(The Famous Rocks - Sydney)

Now, back at the Palace Backpackers meeting, I was asked a question by my unimates (the ones who came from Sydney to Brisbane with me & the one who was the Man of my Life's unimate's ex-polymate) - aha hope I really never confuse you so far ha!
(Aussie Koala Downunder
- Brisbane Domestic Airport)
Well, I was asked whether I would like to attend a church camp in Brisbane with my 3 unimates (who came with me from Sydney to Brisbane)? Or whether I would like to visit Fraser Island (located just off Queensland's South Central Coast) with the Man of my Life & my other unimate (who was the ex-polymate of the unimate of the Man of my Life)?
(Huge Kangaroo with Shaking Head Carrying
Baby in Pouch - The Rocks Market,Sydney)
And well, being a non-christian & a very shy girl who would feel rather awkward with tens of Christians especially when we were strangers & have never met one another before, I decided without much hesitation that I would love to go to Fraser Island instead.
(Aussie Slogan Sign - Paddy's Market, Sydney)
And hey! In case you're laughing at me right now, I decided to visit Fraser Island not cos of the Man of my Life okie! Not cos he was going to be there too okie! But merely cos like I've told you earlier, I simply just love to travel & wana see the world as much as I could!!
(Aussie Slipper - Bondi Beach, Sydney)
So soon after, I left Brisbane with the Man of my Life & Eddy. Okie I decided that I should now mention the name of this unimate of mine who was also the ex-polymate of the Man of my Life's unimate whose name is Eddy, cos I'm really getting kinda worried that I'm confusing you a little..... or alot ha Heheh!!
(Handcrafted Wooden Gigantic Aussie Footballer
- St Kilda Explanade Market, Melbourne)
Anyway, the 3 of us took the Greyhound Coach from Brisbane to Hervey Bay & we stayed at the Hervey Bay Backpackers. I remember it only cost each of us about 15 Aussie dollars a night at the Backpackers where all of us shared a big common room with beds, washroom, toilet & kitchen..... it was all so pretty cool!
(Koalas on Boomerang
with Hygrometer & Thermometer
- Cold Coast)
Anyway, it was during the Fraser Island trip that I started thinking of the Man of my Life as the Mr Wrong. Remember I said earlier he was my Mr Wrong who later became my Mr Right?!
(Kangaroo Carrying Aussie Flag with Baby in Pouch
- Sydney)
Well, it started when I was calling my Indonesian unimate in Jakarta from Hervey Bay for my Uni exams results cos she was helping me to check my results on the Internet.
(Handcrafted Wooden Koala
with Aussie Flag & Movable Hand
- The Rocks Market,
I remember I was jumping high & low at the public phone booth outside the Backpackers upon hearing my results cos I had got so many Distinctions! Couldn't believe I did so well really! I was so happy!
(City Circle Tram - Melbourne)
Then Eddy also found out about his results & he did not do as well as me (Eddy & I were majouring in Information Systems while Mr Wrong was in the Mechanical Engineering faculty). And well, both he & Mr Wrong were stunned upon hearing my results. I remember they were really surprised though also very happy for me & they kept saying I was so smart so clever etc etc.
(Tweety Bird - Movie World, Gold Coast)
Yet, at the same time I could see they were pretty disappointed at themselves, especially Mr Wrong whom I bet must have felt real ashamed of himself! Cos when it came to hearing about his results (well he already got his results way before we left Brisbane for the Fraser Island trip), guess what, his results were pretty bad not passing a few modules.
(Kangaroos on Boomerang - Sydney)
I remember I was comforting him that it was ok to have red marks in Mechanical Engineering cos I knew from my brother who did Mechnical Engineering in Singapore Poly that they have to study way too many subjects in each semester & it's pretty tough & very common to have red marks!
(Mummy Koala Carrying Baby
- Brisbane International Airport)
But as far as I was concerned, deep down inside me, I thought his results were bad cos of so many red marks. And I felt then that he was not a good guy cos I knew he came from a rich family staying at the Bukit Timah area of our hometown Singapore. And he also had his own Condo house at the Heart of Queensland city Brisbane with a big car which his dad bought for him & his sister who were both studying in Brisbane then etc etc!!
(Aussie Dollar Note - Melbourne)
Hey wait a minute! Don't get me wrong, I don mean that guys who are rich & stay at the Bukit Timah area are bad okie, heheh in case I confuse u a little....... I meant cos now with such bad grades of his, & being rich & also the only son in his family, I felt he was just an idle lazy immature still young & insensible spoilt kid who only knew how to spend his dad's money & not know how to think properly & study hard etc etc!! Well, basically I thought of him as Mr Wrong in all sense!!! Ha ha!!
(Pelican - Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Sydney)
Besides, I've had lawyer & rich men going after me before but wealth somehow has never been my consideration of a boyfriend. What matters to me most was the chemestry betwen us & that he was a good honest man with whom I can connect to & that we have the same interests (& well, we both have which I later found out - we both love watching movies, travelling & eating!!).
(Koala Clinging to Boomerang
- Paddy's Market, Sydney)
Anyway, we toured Hervey Bay for a while, visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary etc & that was when I got to know Mr Wrong a little better.
(Aussie Wildlife Animals - Port Stephens, Sydney)
Then Eddy, he & I finally got to Fraser Island with a bunch of other stranger acquaintances (also staying at the same Backpackers as us) from Japan & Britain in our 4WD vehicle (ferried on a barge across from Hervey Bay to the Island).
(Aussie Cartoon Road Sign
- Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Sydney)
Our 4WD was packed with all kinds of camping equipments & utensils (from the Backpackers) & canned food & beverages which we shared & bought at the Woolworths & Coles supermarkets at Hervey Bay before we left for the Island.
(Pelican - Port Stephens, Sydney)
It was our very first camping trip on an alone-Island in the middle of the huge seas for all of us, & we had such great experiences & fun together on the amazingly beautiful Island.
(Penguin with Hygrometer & Thermomter
- Phillip Island, Melbourne)
I remember we had to cook our own meals over campfire & set up our own tents in the nights. We had a great time starring up at the sky filled with thousands of twinkling magical stars & we explored the Island in our 4WD vehicle during the day times, hiking through the thick forests, playing in the cool deserts & swimming in the many gorgeous crystal clear lakes.
(Aussie Beach Bums - Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast)
Haha I couldn't swim at all so I could only play with the waters & watched enviously the others swimming so freely. Mr Wrong was a good swimmer (he still is) & I remember Eddy & he tried teaching me how to swim in the lakes but of course they all failed!
(Handcrafted Wooden Platypus with Movable Legs
- The Rocks Market, Sydney)
Till today, nobody has actually managed to teach me to swim at all cos I just don know how to float!! Haha me always telling people I'm just too fat & heavy to be able to float la.
(That's FATTY Me in SEXY Bathing Bikinis
(I was born in the Pig Year) - Geelong)
I remember I nearly drowned a good friend cum unimate cum housemate of mine while she was trying to teach me to swim in the swimming pool of the Backpackers where we were staying during one of our uni vacation tour. From then on, I dare not try kill anybody else!! Haha guess I just have water phobia!!
(Footprint of Real Sand
- Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast)
Well, we stayed in Fraser Island for a total 3 days. I remember the Japanese gal, whom I shared my tents with, & I would always need someone to help cover our toilet breaks out in the Island among the sands & bushes away from the crowd. And being the only 4 Asians, we would always only call Eddy or Mr Wrong.
(Voluptous Women on Beach Painting
- St Kilda Explanade Market, Melbourne)
And Eddy would always not be free to help not sure if he was busy with the camping setting-up stuffs etc or just plain lazy. But not Mr Wrong, who would always be there for us, well not sure if he was actually the one who was being lazy cos not helping with the tents etc thus having so much free time to help look out for us!
(Wildlife Sanctuary Warning Sign - Geelong)
Or who knows, may be he was just too delighted to be able to help us then cos he was falling in love with me & just wanted to try peep at me!?! Haha!! (Well, true enough which I later found out from him, not that he was trying to peep at me but cos he was really very attracted to me & he just couldn't keep his eyes away from me)!
(Huge Kangaroo
with Hygrometer & Thermometer
- Sydney)
Anyway, his helping to look out for us during our toilet breaks but only made me have a tiny little winy bit of good impression in him cos I've never really changed much of my earlier Mr Wrong impression of him at all!
(Hand Painted Koala on Tree on Wooden Log
- Gold Coast)
Besides, during our stay out there in the Island, I noticed many times Mr Wrong would be staring at me, especially when we were seated across each other at the back of our 4WD vehicle. Ignoring the rest of the whole world around us, he would be starring straight at my face, & many a time I was very very certain he was starring at my boobs too!!! And he was so shy!!! Hahaha!! So funny!!!
(Which BOOBS are yours Ladies?
- Surfers Paradise Gold Coast)
And see that was why I called him Mr Wrong cos he was not only an idle lazy immature insensible rich spoilt kid, he was also a pervert!!! So you see, I've never liked Mr Wrong at all since I've pretty bad impressions of him
(Naked Man Shaving in Bathroom Painting
- St Kilda Explanade Market, Melbourne)
And as he's about 1 & a half years younger than me, I've always thought of him just as my younger brother who needed much help & nuture to grow & be more sensible. So, I remember I would, whenever I had the chance, talk to him trying to advise him to be a good boy to study hard etc etc. And well, we became not so much as acquaintances but rather good friends soon.
(Ceramic Pinky Pig - South Bank Market, Brisbane)

After the Fraser Island trip, Mr Wrong & I parted ways in Australia when he came back home to Singapore for his holidays while I stayed on in Australia & toured the Northern Queensland coasts, Cairns, Gold Coast & Sydney before I went back to Geelong then back home to Singapore for the Lunar New Year. It was the year 1997.
(Map of Queensland - Brisbane)
Wow, it's been 10 years now since I met Mr Wrong now the Man of my Life....... & my story on how we dated still hasn't begun!
(Lovely Duckling with Blue Ribbon Bow - Geelong)

Guess gracious Fairy Goddess of Love had a hand in slowly pulling the red string between Mr Wrong & I...... from my Mr Wrong to my Mr Right....... & to a dating couple of us.
(Huge Fury Koala - South Bank Market, Brisbane)
I met Mr Wrong again in Singapore during the Lunar New Year when he came to my house to give me some photographs he took of us in Fraser Island.
(Wooden Aussie Map-shaped Beach Scenery
- Coolangatta Weekend Market, Gold Coast)
I remember showing him to my bedroom to see my many soft toys etc...... haha funny ha now I think about it why did I invite him to my bedroom ha?! Heheh I never knew the answer guess I would always show my good friends my bedroom la ha!! Heheh!!
(Black Rag Doll - Montville, Sunshine Coast)
And well, my dad & mum happened to be at home during his visit & they liked what they saw!! They thought of him as a very nice good honest boy! Strange ha?And well, we never met again after that meeting in my house.
(Cow in Blue Ribbon with Bell - Geelong)

Strangely, I received a call from him one day, the day he was leaving for Brisbane. He was calling to say goodbye from his house at Bukit Timah just seconds before he was stepping out of his house for Changi Airport for his flight back to Brisbane. He told me he just wanted to say goodbye & to inform me he was flying back to Brisbane.
(Handcrafted Wooden Koala with Movable Hand
& Baby - The Rocks Market, Sydney)
How strange I felt, cos he gave me the feeling that somehow he missed me. Though later on I thought nothing much about that phone call, though we did exchange our email addresses to keep in touch.
(Kangaroo holding Boomerang
- The Rocks Market, Sydney)

By March, we were both back in Australia. Me in Geelong for my last semester & he in Brisbane for his 2nd last semester.
(Koala Carrying Aussie Flag - Sydney)
One day, I got an hello email from him in Geelong, & we started staying in touch with each other again. And that was when my Mr Wrong impression of him slowly died off, & he became my Mr Not So Wrong.
(Penguins Parading - Phillip Island, Melbourne)
There would be emails from him in my inbox, sometimes none for a few days though, cos he was busy studying (like me..... Surprise ha so he did study!). Sometimes there would be a few emails a day, then slowly they became more frequent, then many & more & more frequent!
(Girly Cow in lovely outfit holding Wheat Sheave
- Geelong)
The mails would come with poems-like messages. He was not a man with many words, & he was also not a sweet-talker at all. But his English was very good & powerful, & the words he wrote to me were beautiful yet very geniune & sincere. I was touched by his words, & I was really very impressed. I slowly began to know him better, & better.
(Handmade Huge Heart
- St Kilda Explanade Market, Melbourne)
I slowly began to see him as a very sensible person with a good sincere honest heart. Very shy still but a very good man actually. And I felt that he was actually a muture guy who is very hardworking & sensible & knows how to think too!
(Aussie Wildlife Animals - Sydney)
Guess afterall parents can never really be wrong in their judgements & that sometimes we should listen & take to their wisdom ha (cos remember my dad & mum used to say he was a good man when they first met him in my house?! well, they still think so today!).
(Sylvester the Cat - Movie World, Gold Coast)
Anyway, I was really impressed & guess even more slowly without me even realising it myself, I was attracted to him & I was falling in love with him.
(Couple Koalas on Boomerang - Sydney)

Easter Holidays came, & he visited me in Geelong. I remember 2 girlfriends & I went to the Melbourne Domestic Airport to pick him up in our rental car & we brought him first thing to the very popular Crown Casino in the City. He loved the casinos & playing Blackjack cos I knew he often visited the Conrad Treasury Casino in Brisbane & the Conrad Jupiters Casino in Gold Coast with his sister & friends.
(Conrad Jupiters Casino - Gold Coast)
And guess what?! Once inside the Crown Casino, he actually gave me a 50 Aussie dollar note telling me to use it for gambling! Hahah don know why he did that but guess that was his way of expressing his much happiness in being able to see me again in Australia! And hahaha I lost that A$50 within no time!! Horrible don-know-how-to gambler Me!!
(Aussie Slogan Pigs Arse
- Harbourside Shopping Centre, Sydney)

Anyway, I offered him to stay in my house, which I was sharing with 3 other housemates, in Geelong, bunking into my rather huge bedroom....... okie okie, we slept separately apart from each other okie, without even touching each other okie, in case you start thinking dirtly!
(Plastic Condom Kingdom
- Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast)
Well, being the first time visiting Melbourne & Geelong, he rented a car so that he could be the driver while I could be his tour guide to bring him around sightseeing.
(Delta Car Rental Sign - Geelong)
We went to the famous Great Ocean Road, Geelong Eastern Beach & St Kilda Beach & did shopping at the Geelong city, Victoria Market & Chapel Street in Melbourne city etc etc. We were becoming real good friends now that we knew each other much much better.
(Great Ocean Road Sign - Geelong)
Once, we were shopping in Melbourne when our car got towed away cos he had parked it in this Tow-Away Zone without realising it! We were coming out of this boutique where he had just bought me a long brown sexy dress & :"HEY!! Where's our car ha?!!!" We screamed at each other cos our car just decided to disappear from our sight across the boutique at the street's side parking lot!!
(Antique Train
- Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Sydney)
Hahahaha I was immediately woken up :"Oh I know already, you must have parked at the Tow-Away Zone & it's been towed away now!!" I told him leisurely as I recalled how my unimate's car was towed away once in Melbourne City after we came back shopping! I actually knew about the Tow-Away Zone yet I never warned him earlier! Silly Silly Me!! Anyway, this time I knew exactly what to do & how to get our car back!
(Koala clinging to Boomerang
- The Rocks Market, Sydney)
We started walking all the way from where we were standing (in a blur), outside the boutique, to the huge Car Park at Southgate near the Crown Casino where they usually put the cars after towing them away..... but then I was not even sure if our car was also taken there too!!
(Koalas Crossing Road Sign - Melbourne)
So worrying so worrying!! It was a pretty long walk, & I was walking very fast, panicky & pretty stressed too cos I knew we would have to spend a bomb paying for the fine before getting back our car.
(Fatty Sweaty Pig with Bath Towel - Geelong)
I was sweating...... internally actually...... as the weather then in the late evening was pretty cooling & I had no physically-seen sweats at all!!! Just sweats from cold feets cos was blaming myself for being so silly as not to be more observant about any Tow-Away Zone in the first place at all!!! What if our car was not even there at all etc etc etc!! Arhhhh...... so stressed, so stressed!!!
(Huge Koala with Hygrometer & Thermometer
- Sydney)
And guess what, he was very different! Instead of being more stressed & worried cos eventually he would have to be the one to pay the huge fine, he was actually the one comforting me & advising me not to panick but slow down, telling me :"Don be stressed, it's ok. The car has already been towed away, no point worrying & be stressed. Calm down, we will get back our car, everything will be just fine. It's ok, don worry..... " Hahaha he was so cool so cool, another good side of him that I got to know.
(Aussie Tram - Melbourne)
And well, we did get our car back eventually from that huge Car Park at Southgate near the Crown Casino, but first he had to pay about 400 Aussie bucks for the total fine!! Wow 400 bucks?!! I could easily get a domestic return air-ticket to visit any state of Australia from Geelong!! What a pain!
(Greetings from Naked Couple Inside Tram Painting
- St Kilda Explanade Market, Melbourne)
But still he was very cool, not that he was rich, but to him it was no point crying over split milk but one just has to move on positively & be happy! Well, he was just such a sweet man & always very gentle with me, so sweet so sweet.
(Giantic Beautiful Butterfly Lovers - Melbourne)
And well, as you can later imagine, he slowly became from my Mr Not So Wrong to my Mr Right, & that was when we started dating & holding hands. I remember on our very first trip to the Great Ocean Road, we had to stay overnight there at a hotel cos it was already pretty late & dark & he was too tired to drive us back to Geelong.
(The World Famous Twelve Apostles
- Great Ocean Road, Victoria)
The next morning, we went to further explore the Twelve Apostles & just when we wre both enjoying the magnificent Rocks (Apostles) of the Ocean, he touched, took & held my hand for the very first time. That moment was really magical & I believed I did saw butterflies fluttering all over, around & inside me!!
(Pig & Cow Lovers
- representing Me & my Mr Right
(whose Chinese Animal Zodiac is Cow)
- Port Stephens, Sydney)

The Eastern break was soon over & he was back in Brisbane while I stayed on in Geelong. We continued keeping in touch through emails, & started talking more & more to each other over the phone. And during the before exams revision week holiday in May, I flew over to visit him in Brisbane.
(Aussie Map-shaped Brisbane Sceneries
- Brisbane Domestic Airport)
I remember I brought all my text books & notes with me from Geelong to study with him days & nights in his Uni in Brisbane cos he had to work there on his Uni project with his unimates. So very tiring but very precious so long as it was time spent together with him.
(The Wizard - the Man of my Life Loves Magic
- Gold Coast)

In June, I completed my 1 and half years of Bachelor of Computing studies in Deakin University. I decided to visit him in Brisbane once again before I flew back home to Singapore to face the working world.
(Deakin University Alumni Association
(where I'm a Member) - Geelong)
This time round I stayed in Brisbane (bunking in his Condo house) for almost 2 months (I remember I came back to Singapore on the night of our National Day) & that was when we seriously started dating.
(Let's MEET under the CLOCK
- the Very POPULAR Meeting Place,
Flinders Stations - Melbourne)
We visited many many places of interests in Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Montville etc etc, & that was when my Fridge Magnets craze really kicked in!

(Hand Moulded Couple Koalas
with Fury Bodies Holding Aussie Flag
& Snuggled Up Cosily Together
- Eagle Street Pier Art & Craft Market, Brisbane)

Hahahaha, sorry I've been such a long long-winded story-teller, hope I did not bore you at all with my life story ha! Sounds like my life story ha. But actually I was just trying to share with you how I got to be a Fridge Magnet lover.
(Opera House Sceneries Shoes - Sydney)
Well, I was really falling in love for the first time in my life, & I tried to have at least a keepsake souvenir for every places that I've been with the Man of my Life.
(Metallic Heart-shaped Messenger
- Centrepoint, Singapore)
By the way, did I tell you that I'm now blissfully married to him (bet you must have already guessed that too ha!). And well, we're now both residing in Singapore, & I'm still very much in love with him.
(Chinese Customary Wedded Couple
- Chinatown, Singapore)
Remember I love travelling?! Well, Fridge Magnets, being small & handy & also self-describe themselves & tell about the places & countries, have become my travelling souvenirs everywhere I go!!
(Our Favourite Huant
- Dream World, Gold Coast)
Moreover, he sometimes travels on business trips so he would bring home beautiful Fridge Magnets for me too! I'm a lucky woman ha?! heheh!
(Beautiful Unique Ettamogah Pub
- Aussie World, Sunshine Coast)
So here it goes - my Fridge Magnets Collection from around the globe! Enjoy!